Radio Jammer

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This also Not a Cell phone jammer. Jamming a Cell phone is similar on its principle, but totally a different build, you need a range from 800MHz to 900MHz. You need an OP amp and a few other parts and formulas The Radio Jammer sends out a EM wave at a frequency. The wave is then broadcast throughout an area. Radios will receive this wave (when tun

Radio Jammer
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ed to that frequency) and It will block the other wave that is broadcast from a station. An Oscillator, The heart of the Radio Jammer. The frequency you choose will be the frequency you jam. FM radio is in MegaHertz. Example, If you want to block 100. 0, then use a 100Mh Oscillator. It may be a bit confusing. I have a 97. 7 MHz that says 97M70000 and a 50 MHz that says 50. 0000 MHz. Could you use the original battery for the phone so you can just charge it over and over as well as the original antenna (Im thinkin of going with a 125 oscillator. That depends on power, frequency, harmonics and carrier. There are a number of factors. Overall if you are pumping enough power into the air on the same frequency or on a harmonic of the same frequency it is likely you could jam the channel. Also for all of you who asked, remember that an oscillator is simply a inductor and capacitor in its more basic form. What I would do is take a look at the construction of basic oscillators, stepper generators and radio jamming during times of war. For all intents most radio jamming is simply producing a signal on the same frequency that you want to jam at a higher power with more noise. AKA if you are trying to block a voice signal a good way to do it would be to copy several voices on a tape and send that as a signal. Nice instructables but oscillator is kinda hard to find. I got circuit here claims that can do the same. radio jammer, dont know...

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