Radio alarm clock

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The program makes use of the built-in AD converter of the PIC16F874 for sensing the touch buttons. The PIC has 8 AD ports, seven are used for the 7 touch-buttons, 1 is used for the light measurement. In order to receive DCF signals, you have to add a DCF module (e. g. Conrad nr. 641138 - 89) which will provide a digital TTL level DCF signal which i

Radio alarm clock
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s than interpreted by the software to automatically adjust the time. If you use the Conrad module, pin 1 of this module goes to ground, pin 2 to +5VDC and pin 3 (DCF-out) to pin 6 of the PIC. The backlight of the LCD can be dimmed either manually or automatically, proportional to the ambient light. This is done using an LDR as a light sensor and the PWM capability of the microprocessor.

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