Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The key point is that there is no iteration as is usually done. All alignment methods I have seen rely on measuring, tweaking, measuring, tweaking, etc. There are many problems with this: for the DIYer it means expensive tools or settling the suspension after each adjustment. My thought was to completely short circuit all of that and find a way to

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do this procedure without any iteration. The only way to achieve this is to model all the important geometric details of the suspension and the measurement process, and then calculate the adjustments including all the interactions between them. This is what I have tried to do in the spreadsheet which I`ll provide a link to in a moment. The spreadsheet contains all the key suspension geometry factors for the Porsche 996, and compensates for a number of other issues. For example, when measuring the toe in Part 4, we should have measured it with the laser beam perfectly horizontal. But we didn`t, we measured it with the beam pointing down a bit to hit a tape measure lying on the ground. Is this is a big factor YES! When dealing with toe of a few minutes of arc (5 minutes for Porsche specs), and a camber angle in the 1-2 degree range (12-24 times the toe angle), even a small deviation from horizontal affects the measured toe angle by much more than the toe angle itself. I must warn anyone using this method that although I have spent a considerable amount of time testing and improving the spreadsheet on my own 996, and it seems to work well, but only if the suspension setup and measurements in earlier parts are rigorously followed! I was having trouble getting my toe to come in where it should be (the steering wheel was pointed just slightly off center when going straight). Finally I discovered ” after not following my own...

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