Regulated 24 Watt Broad Spectrum LED

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This project involves constructing an energy efficient broad spectrum LED lamp system. The lamp is useful for indoor reflective room lighting. It has a broad color spectrum that more closely approximates the light of the sun when compared to fluorescent bulbs and white-only LEDs. The light level is regulated and the light that is produced does not

Regulated 24 Watt Broad Spectrum LED
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flicker. The six differently colored LED stars, made by LedEngin, Inc. , are rated at 5 watts (nominal). The LED array and associated current regulator consume 1 amp at 24VDC (24 Watts). NEVER stare directly at this lamp when it is running at full operating power, it is DANGEROUSLY BRIGHT. With the LEDs shown, the combined color of the lamp has a pinkish white hue. The 5 Watt ratings of the LEDs are not precise, the white, blue and green LEDs consume about 4W and the lower voltage red, orange and deep red LEDs consume about 3W. The current regulator keeps the LED brightness constant and insures that the LED series string never draws more than 1 amp of current. The project has also been coined "Bold as LED" in reference to the Jimi Hendrix song "Bold as Love" which has the lyric: "My yellow in this case is not so mellow" The lamp is wired as a current loop which includes the power supply, the LED series string and the 1 amp current regulator circuit. The LM317K and 1. 2 ohm 5 Watt resistor act as a current regulator that limits the loop current to 1 Amp. During regulation, there will always be 1. 2V across the 1. 2 ohm resistor. The current regulator insures that the LEDs always run at their maximum brightness, but not so bright that they burn out. A 100uF electrolytic capacitor bypasses the DC power input to the device and a 100nF monoblock capacitor bypasses the LM317K input. The LEDs and current regulator circuit were...

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