Relaxation Oscillator

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This circuit is an oscillator that generates a square wave. The op-amp starts with its two inputs in an unknown state; let`s say it starts with + slightly higher than. The op-amp greatly amplifies this difference, bringing its output to the op-amp`s positive power supply voltage, its maximum output (15 V in this case). The two 100k resistors a

Relaxation Oscillator
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ct as a voltage divider which put the + input at half the output voltage, or 7. 5 V. The input is at ground, lower than the + input, so the op-amp output stays at 15 V. Current flows from the op-amp output to ground through the capacitor, charging it. As soon as it charges to slightly more than 7. 5 V, the input is now higher than the +, and so the output flips to -15 V. This brings the + input to -7. 5 V.

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