Remote Control Operator

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Remote controlled light switches are becoming more and more common. DIY stores have inexpensive sets consisting of several light switches and a remote control unit. It`s then easy to control everything from your armchair. But how can you control the lighting when you`re away, as a deterrent to burglars With the help of this little circuit that is

 Remote Control Operator
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no longer a problem. With modern technology it sometimes happens that you replace one problem with another. Or as Johan Cruyff, the greatest Dutch soccer player of all times eloquently said: every advantage have its disadvantage . The circuit described here has been designed to overcome a shortcoming of wireless remote controls for domestic lighting. The problem is this: when people go way on holiday they often connect ordinary lights directly to time switches to turn the lights on and off at certain times. This gives the impression that the house is still occupied, but it can also come in useful when visitors, who stay till the small hours of the night, need a little hint that it`s time to go! But when these lights are controlled wirelessly it is unfortunately no longer possible to switch them on and off with a time switch. The light switches work with a signal that is transmitted via radio or infrared by the remote control handset. And herein lies the problem: who controls the remote control in your absence You can`t expect your neighbours to do this for you, even if you get on very well with them. Fortunately, with a little inventiveness and some electronics we can get round this problem. With this circuit we can add electronic switches in parallel with the buttons in the remote control. Of course your remote control has to be suitable for this modification. This will be covered in detail later, in the section...

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