Remote Ignition System 100kv StunGun

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This is a simple how-to guide on making a cheap remote/wireless ignition for a spud gun or other application. It uses a doorbell circuit to transmit an RF signal to activate a relay that completes a 9V stun gun circuit, turning it on. Can be made for less than $20. My particular door chime receiver was powered using two AA batteries in series, pro

Remote Ignition System 100kv StunGun
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viding 3 volts. I used a voltmeter to measure the output when the door chime was activated and it too was 3V. If you don`t have a voltmeter, don`t worry as your output will probably match the circuitry voltage. Determine the voltage applied to the circuitry of your door chime receiver, some are 3V some may be higher like 5V. Doesn`t matter which voltage it is, any will do. First, you need to cut the two wires that are going to the speaker. Once that is done, determine which wire is positive and which is negative by connecting them to an LED, voltmeter or other electrical component that can tell you the polarity. Another way is by finding the transistor near one of the wire terminals, it seems that the transistor is generally connected to the negative wire. Next, we need to determine which relay we need. The relay is an electrically operated switch, when a low powered signal is sent to a relay, it closes a switch and allows the signal to carry on to the rest of the circuit. In this case, the relay will be completing the circuit of a stungun. When you attach a 9V to your stungun circuit, it should spark continuously but if we put a relay between the 9V positive terminal and the stungun positive terminal, the stungun can`t spark until the relay has been activated.

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