Resistive Sensor Head (A2053) Manual

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The Resistive Sensor Head (A2053) is a Long-Wire Data Acquisition ( LWDAQ ) Device that measures the resistance of up to eleven resistive sensors. These sensors could be 1000- © RTDs (resistance-temperature devices), 100- © RTDs, 120- © strain guages, or any similar resistive sensor. You can use the A2053 with the Guage, Thermometer, or Flowmete

Resistive Sensor Head (A2053) Manual
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r. For examples of the A2053 in action, see the Examples section. Figure 2: RTD Head (A2053A) with Enclosure. Connectors 1 through 4 are marked in numberals the box itself. Pin 1 of each connector is at the left end. Connector 4, for RTD 11, is left open in the A2053A. The resistive sensor channel numbers are marked in black numerals around the outside of the box. The RTD Head (A2053A), for example, connects to 1000- © RTDs and measures their resistance with 0. 1- © precision over the range 860 © to 1160 ©. With the help of a calibration program we can use the A2053A to calibrate 1000- © RTDs with 0. 1 °C accuracy. The Strain Guage Head (A2053S) connects to up to eleven 120- © strain guages and measures their resistance with precision 0. 01 © over the range 110 © to 130 ©. The A2053 connects to each of its sensors with a twisted pair of insulated, stranded copper wires. The resistance of these wires adds to the resistance of the sensor. If the sensor is a 1000- © RTD, a 10-m cable made out of twisted pairs pulled from a CAT-5 cable adds a constant +0. 5 °C offset to the apparant temperature of the resistor. The resistance of the wires is roughly 1 © per 10 m. Because the resistance of such wires does not vary significantly with temperature, a one-point calibration of each sensor is sufficient to remove the effect of the wires. Instead of running current continuously through the sensors, or using a Wheatstone Bridge to...

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