Ring Modulator

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

I`m way behind. I`ve built all all kinds of modules since my last blog post. With each module I build, I begin to understand how little I really know about electronics. I`m learning a lot and I can now recognizereoccurring themes-especially with Op Amps-but I don`tguaranteeany designs I post on here. I`m an amateur just trying to figure stuff ou

Ring Modulator
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t. So lets start with my updated ring modulator. The ring modulator itself is a passive circuit but there`s a huge volume loss after the signals(input and carrier) pass through the transformers. The previous design used two LM741`s to boost the signal before the transformer Diode ring. The circuit design itself wasn`t ideal, at high gain it caused high frequency oscillations and all it really did was overdrive the signal before the transformers. This is a sketch up of the schematic. Since I bought the Ringmodulator kit from Synthrotek, I really only had to focus on the amplifier aspect of the circuit. The two potentiometers control the incoming signal volume and arn`t really necessary. The circuit seems to work well, with little or no wave distortion. I`ve seen some modules which add a 555 oscillator circuit, but I`m not personally a huge fan of the 555 or using the Ring Modulator with a constant frequency, so I kept mine simple and use external oscillator signals. in the video I`m using two synthesizers. com oscillators with the ring modulator, I`m controlling the gate with a simple arduino random midi generator sketch I made. One oscillator is fed pitch voltage from the arduino and the other oscillator is fed pitch voltage from an ADSR. then my camera ran out of batteries. ENJOY!

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