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Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This is just my attempt in making the simplest and kinda smallest photovore. Well, it`s not that good-looking though, but it`s a great start for some beginners. It`s also my own version of Dozer photovore. Right here! Woah, it`s been a long time since my last update here my friends! Anyways, here`s my latest robot that I`ve built. Its name is Trooper, a scoutwalker 2 based.

Robotics Page
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4-motor walker. Real small than the original. Yes, it`s possible! Take a look at it here. Enjoy! Yes sir, it`s another 5-motor walker creation! It uses 5 micro servos, well. all I can say to this bot is, it`s a cutee! Please check it out! Enjoy guys! Click here ! I`ve also uploaded an old video clip of my lightstorm pummer here. The super-bright white and blue LED`s were inserted inside the white crystal rock thing (I drilled 2 holes), that forms a cloud-like look. A cool display though, on top of your TV set! Hi guys! Well, I just made another cool robot. It`s a 2-motor walker, inspired from one of Mark Tilden`s bots as seen on "Robots Rising" video (from Discovery Channel). I named this bot "Moon-Walker". It moves slowly, like walking on the moon. Anyway, just click the link below to go to its page. Enjoy! ;-) Well, there`s nothing much on this update. I just placed a link on Black Vermin and Tank`s schematic diagram. This is for those who e-mailed me a few days ago and to all BEAMers out there. Here it is guys! I hope it would help you out, `coz these are the exact diagrams which I`ve used. I just played with some parts, namely the caps and resistor values to satisfy my taste. I`ve also made several kinds of leg shapes (really tough though!) and weight balancing. It was really "pure" hard work and patience. I`m not kiddin`! Anyways, I`m planning to build a certain kind of walker and a photovore, but I don`t know when...

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