SCR to make a small solid state tesla coil

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

From what I understand, an SCR is like a diode that can either be turned on to act like an everyday diode, and it will only turn back off when the power is cut. With this understanding, will this circuit work if not, can you explain even if itdoesn`twork as a tesla coil, will it work as a fence charger (with a triggertransformeror ignition coil) So then what am I misunderstanding, when power is cut to the SCR itself,

SCR to make a small solid state tesla coil
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when there is no voltage across it. (without the capacitor) and no current flows. I don`t mean the entire circuit. if they can be turned off while current is flowing, how is it done Just with a brief "blackout" of power I read somewhere where that older SCR`s require backwards current at the gate to turn them off again. (also, are SCR`s and Thyristors the same exact thing ) Be careful talking of "power", SCR (same as a thryistor) are current controlling devices. If you can very briefly blip the anode to cathode current to zero, then they turn off. Its back in the mists of time I actually studied these things, but see if you can find schematics for the McMurray inverter, if you`re interested in SCR commutation. I took apart a switching power supply and inside was an MCR72. I played around with the connections and I had it wired up to an LED. I then touched the gate to +v rail, and it turns on, and when I touched it to ground, it turns off. I though it is not possible to turn these off. Con you explain this please Currently I am trying to make a low voltage version of the above circuit. only problem is that I need something that will only conduct after reaching the specified threshold voltage. Will a zener diode work I tried out the SCR on 9V with a flashlight bulb, and I wasn`t able to turn it off by touching the gate to ground. but shouldn`t that allow electricity to flow from the first PNP transistor to ground instead of...

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