SOURCE-ONE ANALOG SYNTHESIZER and Resistance Serving Control Voltage 8-step Sequencer Unit

Low-Pass and High-Pass audio output signal filters. Additional Sound Source Low Pass filter and experimental original design puls-gate signal filter (`processor`), both of which have independent or linked together Voltage Control input option. The synthesiser can be used as sound-effect (siren-like effect) box or can be controlled by a vary-valueresistance serving sequencer

and/or Control Voltage sequencer. 8-step vary-value Resistance Serving Sequencer with internal or external puls (clock) option. Selectable sequence length (from 2 to 8 step). Auto or manual step operation. Three position pattern alternation switch. Built-In original design resistance comporator ("step tuner") circuit. Four step DC Control Voltage (or AC Wave-Shape) sequencer ("Wave Shaper") with voltage "swing" control and puls shaping option and three pattern types.

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