SPDIF audio DAC with CS8416 and TDA1543

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

This circuit is next experiment to build high quality DAC with optical input TOSLINK, electrical input S/PDIF and USB input. Both electrical inputs are galvanic separated from DAC. This circuit was thought like part of preamplifier / headphone amplifier with analog and digital inputs. I choose DAC without oversampling, which has reportedly most de

SPDIF audio DAC with CS8416 and TDA1543
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voted sound. Optical input is connected directly to optical receiver TORX173 which has TTL output of SPDIF signal. Electrical input is connected through pulse transformer with ratio 1:1. Recommended is pulse transformer LL1572 of Lundahl company. Next S/PDIF input from USB receiver with PCM2902 is connected also through LL1572 pulse transformer. Feeding of S/PDIF decoder and DAC uses separated windings of transformer. Power supply for CS8416 use three low-drop stabilisers. One LE33CZ for feeding of digital part, second for analog part and one LE50CZ for logical inputs/outputs and optical receiver. Voltages are filtered by tantal capacitors and goes through filter inductors. Near chips are blocked with ceramic capacitors. DAC has separated feeding to stabiliser LM317 adjusted to 8V output. It`s necessary to cool stabiliser with small piece of aluminium cooler. Every one of parallel connected DACs has his own decoupling capacitor. Circuit CS8416 can work in hardware or software mode. In hardware mode doesn`t need processor driving and he has limited number of features which are adjusted with pull-up/pull-down resistors. They are readed in the reset state. Simple reset circuit with C1/R1 causes that after powering up will be on reset logical 0 for some time and next go to logical 1 after charging capacitor. Circuit has 8 AES3/SPDIF signal inputs and internal multiplexor. In hardware mode we can switch 4 inputs with RXSEL0 and...

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