Salvaging Interesting Gadgets Components and Subsystems

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The high voltage power supply was probably good for 12 to 30 kVDC at 1 or 2 mA. This is useful for many high voltage experiments, plasma globes, negative ion and ozone generators, bug disintegrators, starters for really LARGE HeNe lasers, etc. The devices, equipment, circuits, and other gadgets described in this document may be dangerous. Much of it deals with potentially

Salvaging Interesting Gadgets Components and Subsystems
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lethal voltages. Getting electrocuted could ruin your whole day. Before thinking about experimenting with anything using or producing high voltages or connected to the AC line - even opening up a disposable camera that may have been laying around gathering dust (the capacitor can still be charged - arggh!), see the document: Safety Guidelines for High Voltage and/or Line Powered Equipment. A large percentage of equipment that is perfectly safe from the outside has dangers lurking inside. In addition to electrical dangers, there might be sharp sheet metal, wound up springs, powerful magnets, and other potential risks to your outer surface integrity like CRT implosion - just to name a few. Something that looks innocent can really ruin your entire day! So, where do you find the equipment from which to remove parts other than your basement, your attic, or those of your relatives or friends Consider garage, yard, tag, estate, and other sales; thrift stores (which may even have a `free` table); junk, salvage, and surplus yards (including those run by the Department of Defense!), the town dump and other landfills if they let you take things away, trash rooms of high rise apartment complexes, the curb on pickup day, college campuses around the end of the Spring term, and any other place where perfectly good equipment gets tossed in this throw-away society! Of course, don`t overlook high tech flea markets as well as ham and...

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