Saturating a N-Channel MOSFET

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

It needs 2 volts as its threshold however, that only allows a small amount of curent to flow through the transistor. How do I know how much voltage I need to make it fully on. Also, how do I determine what type of resistor to use from the 5V GPIO pin to the gate of the transistor. My other question is what do I need to look at to make sure the diode is strong enough to handle the EMF kickback. The diode I am looking

Saturating a N-Channel MOSFET
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at is from Jameco with model number 1000 VOLT 1 AMP SILICON RECTIFIER DIODE. VERY IMPORTANT: You connected a transformer directly to 7805 regulator! There is a good chance that such setup will destroy everything to the right side of the transformer. You need a rectifier, a bulk capacitor and capacitors recommended in the 7805`s datasheet for this to work correctly. If the transformer is there to represent wall-wart which outputs DC voltage, than it`s safe, but capacitors small capacitors for 7805 will still be needed for good operation. AndrejaKo Mar 8 `13 at 19:00 @jippie: There are a lot of things to discuss with this circuit, so I`d rather not split the question into lots of pieces. That will make is harder to see the whole picture. Think of this more as a design review question than specifically about the FET and a diode. Olin Lathrop Mar 8 `13 at 19:17

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