Sawtooth Signal Generator

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This sawtooth wave generator gives not only the sweep signal at out 1, but also a synchronization output at out 2 when the sawtooth fly back and begin sweeping. The frequency formula of this sawtooth wave signal is: Remember that the real frequency might be slihgtly different from the formula since the components tolerance in their value. Using th

Sawtooth Signal Generator
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e formula, the frequency of this sawtooth wave signal would be around 57Hz, using the component values as shown in the schematic. Generating sawtooth wave signal can be implemented using several ways, and one of the very popular method is by using constant current source to charge a capacitor. If you`ve seen many method that use an SCR or its bipolar transistor Continue reading †’. In the figure a, the capacitor is slowly charged through resistor R and finally after reaching the base-emitter voltage of PNP transistor, the PNP transistor begin conducting and activate the NPN transistor. The activation of NPN transistor is positively fed Continue reading †’. Pulse generator circuit shown in the schematic diagram below produces square wave pulse with adjustable duty cycle/active factor. The benefits of using this circuit are low components count and high stability of its output frequency. The frequency of this pulse Continue reading †’. The circuit shown in this schematic diagram is a square-wave oscillator circuit. The main component of this oscillator circuit is LP165/365 comparator. As timing component, it uses capacitor and resistor to determine the frequency operation, generating square waves signal. Here Continue reading †’. Signal tracing is a method to find failure section of electronic circuit. This method is very common in troubleshooting audio electronics, since the tool for injection and monitoring will be very...

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