Schematic Diagram Wiper Speed Control Circuits

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

about-face S1 momentarily. This beating acts as a alarm beating for the decade adverse (IC2) which advances by one calculation on anniversary alternating alarm beating or the advance of about-face S1. Ten presets (VR1 through VR10), set for altered ethics by balloon and error, are acclimated at the ten outputs of IC2. But back alone one achievemen

Schematic Diagram Wiper Speed Control Circuits
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t of IC2 is aerial at a time, alone one preset (at called output) finer comes in alternation with timing resistors R4 and R5 affiliated in the ambit of timer IC3 which functions in astable mode. As presets VR1 through VR10 are set for altered values, altered time periods (or frequencies) for astable multivibrator IC3 can be selected. The achievement of IC3 is activated to pnp disciplinarian transistor T1 (TIP32) for active the final ability transistor T2 (2N3055) which in about-face drives the wiper motor at the called ambit speed. The ability accumulation for the wiper motor as able-bodied as the ambit is broke from the vehicle ½s array itself. The continuance of monostable multivibrator IC1 is set for a about one additional period.

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