Schematic for voltage regulation via lm317

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

A simple lab-psu using the lm317, based on the first schematic. to prevent damages to my dmm when measuring mA, i`d like to include a switchable current limiter. but i`m not sure if i understand those schematics and how i could integrate it. so here are my questions: 1. 2 s. schematic 2: when Iout = R1/Vref and Vref = 1, 25v (that should be the correct value,

Schematic for voltage regulation via lm317
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

when i understand it right), then i can calculate resistor values via R1=1, 25/Iout (for example R1 = 1, 25/0, 25 = 5 ohm to limt the current to 0, 25A) 1. 3 i`d like to use a rotary switch to integrate an adjustable current limiter: how can i calculate the minimal necessary specs of switch and resistors, when max. 32v dc and 1a current flow through the wires are simple 0, 25w-resistors/switchers enough most likely a 15VA transformer with 2x15v, 2x0, 5A will feed the psu. are there any disadvantages in adding a switch to change between series- and parallel-connection of the secondaries (to get 15v/1A vs. 30v/0, 5A)

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