Schiepatti Switch

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

A very useful switch that can be controlled from any channel on the typical Futaba or JR radio set up. The switch was designed to trigger the shutter on digital cameras without the encumbrance of a servo glued onto the camera. However, apart from aerial photography, one of the more interestingfeatures is that it can be used to trigger external loads that draw power either from the

Schiepatti Switch
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receiver battery or another external power source. Of further interest, the switch can be programmed to trigger at a preset interval of time, such as every ten seconds. Equally, the really interesting function is that the output signal can be set up to trigger at a preset interval of time and/or on command from the transmitter. Finally, the output signal can be programmed to be either a short pulse or a continuous ON command. That is flexibility! The power consumption of the switch is 0. 8mA when the Light Emitting Diode (LED) is OFF and 6. 5mA when the LED is ON, so there is no risk of discharging the battery with the switch. Michele`s switch is about as small and as light as you can possibly imagine. In the image, the three wire lead (black, red and white) goes to any spare channel on the receiver. The switch draws power from the receiver battery and gets the command signal on the white wire. Shown below is a simple demonstration of controlling an EXTERNAL object using an EXTERNAL power source. The word EXTERNAL means that the object and the power source are not part of the receiver set up. In the left frame the Schieppati Switch is programmed, is receiving its power from the receiver battery and waiting for a command from the transmitter via the receiver. In the right frame, an ON command has been transmitted, processed by the receiver and interpreted by the Schieppati Switch. The switch can handle up to 36 volts DC and...

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