Selfrunning Free Energy 5 KW Kapanadze 4

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

With hv insulation inside ie polystyrene. If you put ferrite in it could be a way to reduce the frequency. But radiant energy won`t like copper. It`ll create a short. Just an opinion, I`ve not experimented with it - except I know ordinary cable won`t work. My intention is still to get the technology to the West. Then we do a proper patent and disclose.

Selfrunning Free Energy 5 KW Kapanadze 4
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But only with proper legal safeguards. That`s why I am trying to keep TK out of jail. I speak Russian, I talk to him directly when he is well. He is out of it right now with the typical ex Soviet disease which afflicts most men in that part of the world. Thanks for your comments and answers to my questions. The poly dialectric around the inner conductor of the coax cable used for his air coil is only acting as a HV insulation. Its not needed unless the inner conductor is at HV potential. A frequency generator can pulse an inductive circuit to produce very high voltage levels, so how do you know for sure that he is not producing HV from a low voltage level frequency generator by switching an inductive component, such as a coil of wire All Bedini SG based devices produce HV which is used to charge batteries, so I cannot see why TK should not do this if his devices are in fact based on Bedini tech as you say they are. This HV is viewed by some people as radiant energy and to other people the catalyst for the manifestation of radiant energy - take your pick. Bedini`s use of the term COP infinity only relates to a system where the user does not pay for the source of power. In his book FE Generation, he clearly shows on page 39 an example of a cop infinity system where a solar cell array is supplying the input power. He notes beside it that the operator pays nothing for this input. He also states that this system example is less...

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