SemiAutonomous Submersible robot for underwater research

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

the rest of the pictures show the construction of the sub. It was made out of two C channels connected by an aluminum sheet. A skid was added to the bottom to allow the sub to skate over the bottom to gather quantitative video samples of the ecology. The skid and two C channels (necessary to hold the large # of sensors desired) was a little heavy

SemiAutonomous Submersible robot for underwater research
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so the sub had trouble moving up and down using it`s one vertical motor (although there is a fourth small motor in the diagram, we never added that). You should definately be able to make the body a lot lighter so that a single vertical trolling motor will be fine. -SmartConsole. bas is a QBasic program that runs in DOS or win3. 1 It`s an interface that takes data from the subs sensors and displays them graphically on the screen (tilt, yaw, etc) -SmartSea. bsx is a basic program that runs on the BSX basic stamp (while building the thing I used a BSX, I put another basic stamp in the diagram because the bsx had one too few pin for sensor interfaces)

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