Sequence timer diagram composed by NE555

This is the sequence timer diagram composed by NE555. The timer can set time any time when the power is connected, break and control the external system to work. In the circuit, K1-K3 are relays used to control the corresponding system to work, adjust the resistance of the RP1-RP3, which can change the break time of the relay. The pin 2 and 6

of NE555(1) connected together, when the power is connected, if the NE555(1) works, C1 charges instantaneously and the charging current flows through pin 2 to C1. At the same time, a waveform output from the pin 3 of NE555(1) forms a trigger pulse after color processed by the G1, which is added to the pin 2 of NE555(1) and make it work.

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