Shock alarm circuit

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

Here is a simple shock sensitive alarm circuit that has many many applications fro home to automobiles. The main application of this circuit is to use it as an anti theft alarm in automobiles. A peizo electric sensor is used as the shock sensor which has to mounted on the door which you have to protect. Here the IC1 LM 3558 is wired as an inverting

Shock alarm circuit
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Schmitt Trigger. The POT R1 sets the threshold voltage of the circuit. R1 is used as a feed back resistor. When not activated the out put from the piezo sensor will be low and so do the output of the IC. When the piezo sensor is activated its output voltage goes high and triggers the Schmitt trigger. This results the beeping of the buzzer. The buzzer remains beeping for some time even if the vibration is removed. this is because the increase in the inverting input has little effect when the IC is triggered and the state can`t be easily reversed.

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