Shruthi-1 Sound Filter

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Incredible Shruthi-1 hardware synth with its excellent SMR-4 MkII filter board, both of which I built about a month ago and which I love to bits for exploring new sounds. However, as a sound designer I`ve always been interested in pushing the boundaries, so having dusted off my electronic engineering skills, polished my soldering iron and retrieved my component boxes from the shed I`ve spent

Shruthi-1 Sound Filter
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many spare hours over the last few weeks seeing what other sounds I could coax from the SMR4-MkII filter board. 1. First of all, I was green with envy when Olivier`s stunning 4-pole mission filter was released, so I cherry-picked my favourite six filter shapes from it and reverse-engineered them for the SMR-4 MKII: LP2, LP4 BP2, BP4, HP2, and Notch 2. Second, I explored the wobble` filter character from the 4-pole mission and implemented it as a variable Filter FM control going from none to serious filth. 3. Finally (and what took most time, energy and listening sessions) I extended the Mission/Polivoks MS-20 distortion` feature so that the SDE has six Filter Flavours that each react dynamically to incoming audio signals: e) HARD adds a similar amount of distortion as GERM, but this time predominantly third harmonic and less second for a harder-edged sound with added sub-octaves. 4. I couldn`t resist adding yet another feature to the Shruthi-1 SDE after hearing the Polivoks in action: Output: Drive offers some subtle to serious overdrive and distortion options, along with a tweak to output level to make the SMR-4 MkII presets all run within -10dBV input sensitivity on your audio interfaces. On my setup some presets previously needed turning down or my interface switching to +4dBu to avoid digital clipping. Now everything runs nicely at -10dBV so you don`t have to watch the meters ;) 5. I`ve been exploring some internal...

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