Signal Conditioners Information

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

Signal conditioning is a set of operations performed on a signal that makes it suitable for interfacing with other devices or systems. Signal conditioners are the actual devices that perform this operation. These devices have an input and an output. Normally the input is a sensor that measures a variable, not necessarily and electrical signal. The

Signal Conditioners Information
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signal conditioning process is also knownas atransfer function because the final effect is to convert an input signal (or measurement) into a suitable output signal. For instance, when a temperature sensor measures the temperature of a system or environment, the output of the sensor (temperature) is not suitable to be an input signal to an electrical system. Therefore, the temperature measurement must be converted into an electrical signal. Signal conditionersprovide filtering, amplification, converting, and / orother processes required to make sensor outputs suitable for reading by computer boards. They areused primarily for data acquisition, in which sensor signals must be normalized and filtered to levels suitable for analog-to-digital conversion. The digital signal is then available tobe analyzed or interpreted by a computerized device. Filters can be constructed from either active or passive components. A passive filter uses only resistors, capacitors, and inductors with a maximum gain of one. An active filter uses passive components and active components like operational amplifiers and transistors. They have a higher gain with sharper frequency response curves. Analog (RC) - Analog filters are designed with resistors and capacitors. They are used for analog signals only, and are often used in low-noise requirement applications. Digital (FIR, IIR) -Digital filters are designed with solid-state components and used for...

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