Simple 6-Input Alarm

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This simple alarm circuit was designed for use in a combined garage and rumpus room. It can be assembled on Veroboard and uses just one IC plus a handful of cheap components. The circuit is based on a straightforward 555 timer circuit (IC1). This is wired as a monostable and sets the siren period which is adjustable up to about three minutes using

Simple 6-Input Alarm
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potentiometer VR1. In operation, IC1`s pin 2 input monitors the detector circuit for negative-going signals. When a switch is closed, a brief negative-going pulse is applied to pin 2 via a 10 µF capacitor and its corresponding series diode (D2-D7). This triggers IC1 which switches its pin 3 output high and switches off relay RLY1 (ie, RLY1 is normally on). As a result, the piezo siren sounds for the duration of the monostable period. In addition, relay RLY2 is turned on via diode D9 and latches on via D10. This means that the strobe light (which is wired to the normally open contact) will continue to flash until the alarm is switched off (via the keyswitch). At the end of the monostable period, RLY1 turns off and this turns off the piezo siren. The circuit can then be retriggered by any further trigger inputs from the switches. A variety of detectors with normally open contacts can be used for the switches, including reed switches, pressure mats, IR detectors and glass breakage detectors. All switches must be open before the alarm is switched on.

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