Simple DC Charging Circuit

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

Here is a simple circuit diagram I think will work for the charger. I already have the transformer, two SCRs, maybe the capacitor, heat sink, and a case to mount it all in. If you go for lead- acid batteries and forget the SCR`s, or put them in a circuits that works, you will charge your battery, even without the capacitor. There is not a lot of u

 Simple DC Charging Circuit
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se for it. I think you are wrong on a couple of counts here. First the C-60 charge controller is intended for use with a wide variety of rather unsteady sources, no way do you need 100, 000uF, (that`s a great number for a 50A linear supply intended to supply relatively sensitive circuits) I think he could easily get a way with only 10, 000uF. Secondly the C-60 charge controller is relatively intelligent, and will ramp the current up during the bulk charge portion and one can adjust the maximum allowable charge current to a level that the 50A transformer can deliver. Just how much the controller will deliver will also depend on the size of the battery being charged, if it`s less than 100 amp hrs I very much doubt the controller would allow more than about 20A, due to excessive voltage at the battery. The C60 wakes up in the morning as the sun rises and when the solar array has enough power available the C60 connects it to the battery. As the battery voltage rises it will begin to regulate first giving a higher voltage for the absorption portion then dropping down to a lower voltage in the float portion and finally at night it will disconnect the solar panels to avoid reverse discharge. I think you would be better off just buying a charger. IOTA makes great chargers which are all solid state and transformerless so they are small and light yet very powerful. I use an IOTA DLS12-75 charger for my battery bank which is charged...

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