Simple High Quality Preamp For Hi-Fi

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The new version has PCBs available, and is recommended for the best sound quality. If you need tone controls, you should see Project 97 which has excellent sound quality, and includes tone controls Much has been made of preamps, but provided a few simple precautions are taken, they are very simple to design, and high performance is almost assured using modern op-amps.

Simple High Quality Preamp For Hi-Fi
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

For those to whom op-amps are an anathma, please skip this section, AFTER reading the next two paragraphs, please. While op-amps have something of a bad name in audiophile circles, what must be remembered is that between the music leaving the musician`s instrument and arriving at your ears, there is every probability that it has already passed through somewhere between 10 to 100 op-amps in the mixer (usually more than once), in external effects units, tape machines (analogue or digital), and finally in the CD player itself. Many of these are not as good as the ones used in this design, and to dismiss a design simply because it uses an op-amp or three is to finish up spending far more than is necessary to obtain the same sonic quality. This is not to say that a good valve preamp (for example) will not sound better (or perhaps just different), but the op-amp sound  is a myth which should not be perpetuated (and this is from someone who uses a valve and op-amp preamp, both of my own design). For those who are still with me, the preamp featured has optional tone and balance controls which may be omitted if desired (although I do not recommend this generally). The input switching may be extended if needed to accommodate more signal sources, however in this version, no RIAA (phono) input is provided see the separate Project Page article for a stand-alone phono preamp which can be added if desired. The tone controls do not use...

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