Simple Light Seeking Robot

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This robot was designed as a project for secondary school pupils to build on an activity day. The chassis was provided to the pupils pre cut. The entire cost of the components per robot was just under GBP5 including the batteries. The robot is built on a small aluminium chassis and has two motors to move the robot left or right and two light depen

Simple Light Seeking Robot
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dent resistors used as light sensors. If the robot senses light with the left sensor it will drive the right motor to turn the robot left and visa versa. If both light sensors receive equal amounts of light both motors will be driven to move the robot forward. The two variable resistors are used to adjust the sensitivity of each channel. The transistors are used to amplify the small current flowing through the light dependent resistor to enable the current to drive the motor. The circuit diagram is shown in figure1. The main circuitry for the robot will be on stripboard. Stripboard consists of an insulating board with a square grid of holes drilled in it. Strips of copper link each row of holes, components such as resistors and transistors can be mounted on the plain side of the board with connecting wires passing through the holes. These wires are then soldered to the copper strip. To solder onto the stripboard pass the wire ends of the components or connecting wire through the correct hole, you can bend the ends of the lead over slightly so that component does not fall out when you turn the board over. Hold the soldering iron so that the bit is against the copper strip of the stripboard and the wire of the component. Touch both with the resin cored solder just long enough for the solder to flow freely. Be careful not to over heat the components or board, then remove the soldering iron and wait for the joint to cool. Now...

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