Simple Mobile Phone Battery Charger

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The 220-240V AC mains source is stepped down to 9V AC by transformer X1. The transformer output is rectified by diodes D1 through D4 connected in bridge configuration and the positive DC source is straightly wired to the charger`s output contact, while the negative terminal is connected through current limiting resistor R2. LED2 operates as being

Simple Mobile Phone Battery Charger
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a power indicator with resistor R1 serving as the current limiter and LED3 signifies the charging status. While in the charging period, about 3 volts drop happens across resistor R2, which switches on LED3 through resistor R3. The following diagram is a simple mobile phone battery charger circuit. The design is simple, easy to build and inexpensive. It use LM78xx regulator to make regulated and stable output voltage. Mobile phone chargers offered in the marketplace are quite expensive. The circuit shown right here shows up as a low-cost option to charge cell. This battery charger circuit is regulated and adjustable to make this circuit able to charge the mosto NiCAD battery. This circuit will work for single cell or multi battery cell which connected with series/parallel connection. The maximum voltage of the batteries should be 18V maximum. Power transistors Q1 and Q2 are connected as series regulators. Here the circuit diagram of simple and easy made battery level indicator. In general, in mobile phones, the battery levels is displayed in dot or bar style. This helps you to effortlessly acknowledge the battery level. On this page we provide a circuit that helps you to recognize the battery level of a instrument from. This is the cell phone shield circuit which can be used as mobile charger. Give protection to your cell phone from unexpected use or theft working with this easy circuit. It is able to produce a loud chirping...

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