Simple Motorcycle Wiring Diagram for Choppers and Cafe Racers

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

I get a lot of questions about wiring motorcycles. Sometimes people are just trying to fix their blinkers and aren`t familiar with how motorcycle electrics work but more often than not I get requests about trimming down electronics for custom riders. An essential part of building any sort of chopper, bobber, cafe racer, brat bike, or rat rod i

Simple Motorcycle Wiring Diagram for Choppers and Cafe Racers
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s getting rid of all the unnecessary items. These days I just grab my wire snips and start trimming away with no regard for common sense and caution but if you are working with your first wiring loom I`m going to try and give you some guidance right now. If you are trying to build a stripped down bike there is a lot going on that you don`t need. A lot of the controls can be removed, blinkers, gauges and indicators, relays and switches. It doesn`t take a whole lot of wiring to keep a bike on the road, especially if you don`t want to cater to the law word for word. By trimming down the wiring you`ll be saving complexity, saving weight, and cleaning up the look of your bike. Below is a generic wiring diagram I whipped up that can be used as a guideline. I tried not to tailor it specifically to any particular model of bike, and I tried to make it as easy to understand as possible but really any 70`s and early 80`s model bike with carbs will adapt to this diagram quite well. This diagram is setup to run a headlight and brake light, keep your battery charged, and have a keyed ignition. Personally, I sometimes strip my bikes even further, but I`ll mention that further down the page. When working on your existing wiring loom it is best not to just start cutting wildly (like I do!) but to be very careful. Inside your headlight is where much of the wiring converges, so is a good place to start. Remove your headlight and start...

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