Simple Pyro RF Transmitter (27 MHz) Circuit

The schematic for this project is actually deceivingly simple compared to the complexity of what is happening in the circuit. So take a look below or click to view the full sized schematic. The two signals we`ve just generated are mixed together at the base of T2 and once it goes out of the collector of the transistor our continuous wave RF trans

mission signal is ready. The board layout was done in a way so that everything was crammed together very tight. This is a difficult thing to do with through-hole parts, but not impossible. A ground plan covers the entire board (but is chopped up by the traces) so that all parts that need access to ground can have it easily. The ground plan is also very important as its acts as part of our antenna. I just chose a nice thick width that would transfer over nicely when building the PCB, however smaller trace widths seem to be a better choice when designing RF circuits. but at these low frequencies I don`t believe there will be any performance benefit. My PC board had extra space so I plugged in PyroElectro. com. You`ll notice the text is backwards, this is because during the toner transfer process, a bottom layer is technically printed out backwards, but once on the PCB it reads correctly.

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