Simple Telephone Ring Tone Generator Circuit schematic with explanation

This is the figure simple telephone ring tone generator circuit designed using only a few components. It produces simulated telephone ring tone and needs only DC voltage (4. 5V DC to 12V DC). One may use this circuit in ordinary intercom or phone-type intercom. This is the figure of the circuit; The sound is quite loud when this circuit is operated

on +12V DC power supply. However, the volume of ring sound is adjustable. The commonly available 14-stage binary ripple counter with built-in oscillator (CMOS IC CD4060B) is used to generate three types of pulses, which are available from pin 1 (O11), pin 3 (O13), and pin 14 (O7), respectively. Preset VR1 is adjusted to obtain 0. 3125Hz pulses (1. 6- second low` followed by 1. 6-second high`) at pin 3 of IC1. At the same time, pulses available from pin 1 will be of 1. 25 Hz (0. 4-second low`, 0. 4-second high`) and 20 Hz at pin 14. The three output pins of IC1 are connected to base terminals of transistors T1, T2, and T3 through resistors R1, R2, and R3, respectively.

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