Simple Two Way Communication Intercom Circuit Schematic diagram

Intercom or Inter communication circuit is a two directional communication system. It provides a reliable communication line and is extremely easy to implement. The circuit is prepared by an amplifier, two switches and two loudspeakers. We can extend this circuit by adding more number of speakers with the help of switches. IC LM384 works as a powe
Simple Two Way Communication Intercom Circuit Schematic diagram - schematic

r output amplifier in this intercom circuit. LM384 provides almost 2 watts of audio power via 15 volts supply voltage. This intercom circuit diagram is very simple and practical circuit capable of using intercoms for homes, office intercom. If switch S1 is in Talk` contact, L1 functions as a Microphone. If it is in Listen` position, L1 functions as a Speaker. (Similar case applicable in L2 also. ) IC NE5534 works as a Pre Amplifier which boosts the Audio signal before applying to the LM384 amplifier section. The gain of the LM384 op amp amplifier is set to 11. By changing the switch positions of S2 in to Talk` position and S1 to Listen` position, L2 get connected to the input section and L1 connected to output section.

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