Simple condenser microphone circuit Schematic Diagram

Posted on Feb 5, 2014    6300

The output of condenser mic is coupled via a coupling capacitor of 0. 1 µF, the purpose of this capacitor is to remove DC contents in the audio signal. Transistor Q1 is configured as collector to base biasing mode. This is accomplished via 470k © resistance. This resistor provides negative feedback to the transistor Q1. The output of Q1 becomes a

Simple condenser microphone circuit Schematic Diagram
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vailable at the collector (across 3. 3k © resistor), which is the input to the transistor Q2 via a 0. 1 µF capacitor. The capacitor removes DC voltages due to the biasing of Q1. You are reading the Circuits of Simple condenser microphone circuit And this circuit permalink url it is

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