Simple preamplifier circuits by transistors

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

When you want to enlarge sound signal from all source before costume amplify. Usual use Pre Amplifier or Pre Amp. Today I begs for to suggest again the one circuit. That interesting because of use Transistor just one ( the number replaces many the number such as C1815 or C945 or C828, etc. ) The circuit easily and still be usable well. convenient

Simple preamplifier circuits by transistors
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for a novice as an example PCB be the character Stereo. Wasp Input from the CD player and Output with the amplifier immediately. Request enjoy please yes. The preamplifier circuit is a circuit that extends the signal from the source sound to signal the strength to go into a power amplifier circuit to trigger the required sector preamplifier is also due to signal from the source voice Some levels. sounds very light, such as tape or tuner, some will have strength of signals in the heart uV is required to use the preamplifier circuit expanded signal strength to strength in the area mV to access the power amplifier for amplifier efficiency. By entering into power supply 9volt circuit Q1 and Q2 to a direct coupling circuit to transmit better. When the signal input through the C1 coupling into the signal to Q1. Amplifier to a level of C to stand out in Q2 into the amplifier once again to provide better stability. Then signal to leave the output pin C of Q2 through C6 coupling signal from output and the output signal a part of Q2 will feed black feedback through to the C4, C3 and R3 comes to the pin E in Q1 in order to help the range of frequency response. Pre amplifier circuit with transistors can be used to supply source from 6-12Volt the current minimum is 2-3 mA and can extend the signal strength from up to 2 Volt, which can This will signal the driver to easily power amplifier and frequency response can be frequency response...

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