Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This circuit is a simple dual simplex to half-duplex driver for 1-wire devices, although it does not work with all of them, because some draw too much current. It was designed and tested for DS18B20+ 1-wire digital thermometer. The parasite power only version - DS18B20P is not supported. There are four elements plus a thermometer, three 0805 SMD r

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esistors and a general purpose PNP transistor. These elements are generally available everywhere, there are kits sometimes available within wlan-si network. This circuit board is identical to the previous one, placement of the elements is adapted to the TP-LINK serial port pinout, to enable as painless integration as possible. This documentation is written as a step by step guide. Place the circuit board in front of you, so you can read the markings normally. Solder 4. 7kOhm resistors on two vertical places on the left side of the board, marked R1 and R2. Place the transistor T1 on the board, so that its body is on opposite side of the board(where are no copper traces) and solder it into place. The rounded part of transistor body has to point in the direction of wlan-si. net. Solder the thermometer on the buard just as you did the transistor into slot marked IC1. The rounded part of thermometer body has to point in the direction of wlan-si. net.

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