Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The circuit generates this type of Geo-magnetic-fields and lets us perceive them: in this manner our brain is surrounded by an ideal environment for a sound sleep. With SW2 opened (Alternate mode operation) the device operates for the pre-set time, then pauses for the same amount of time: this cycle repeats indefinitely. IC2C and IC2D generate two square waves at about

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1. 2 and 5 Hz respectively. These wave-forms are converted into 60 µS pulses at the same frequencies by means of C5 & C6 and mixed at Q1`s Base. This transistor drives the Radiator coil with a scalar series of pulses of 60 µS length and 9V amplitude. IC1, IC2A & IC2B form the timer section. C1 & R2 provide auto-reset of IC1 at switch-on. The internal oscillator of IC1 drives the 14 stage ripple counter and, after about 15 minutes, output pin 1 goes high. Pin 3 of IC2A goes low and stops IC2C & IC2D oscillation. If SW2 is closed (Stop mode operation), the first time output pin 1 of IC1 goes high, the internal oscillator of the IC is disabled by means of D1. Therefore the circuit remains off until a reset pulse is applied to pin 12 by means of P1 or when the whole device is switched-off and then restarted. L1 is obtained by winding randomly 600 turns of 0. 2 mm. enameled wire on a 6 mm. diameter, 40 mm. long, steel bolt. Secure the winding with insulating tape.

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