Small amps Gibson GA5

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The new TNT features both pre-amp and output gain selection switches, selectable 8watt and 2 watt output, `interlink` master volume control, bass and treble controls and `auto-aligning` output stage that automatically adjusts for 8 ohm or 16 ohm loads without the need for impedance selector switches. DST`s unique push-pull EL84 output stage and bu

Small amps Gibson GA5
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ilt in attenuator let you easily reduce power and volume without losing the big DST sound. The Five is based on the single-ended 6V6 blackface amp with a few enhancements. The Gain control blends the tone stack out of the circuit, changing the tone from blackface clean to tweed "crunch" and adds back all the gain that a passive EQ removes. An efficient 12" speaker adds a fullness to the sound that no 8" speaker can even approach. Finally, the Master helps throttle this volume down to bedroom levels when that`s all you need. Available as a 1 x 12" combo with Eminence Tonkerlite speaker or as a head. The Lil Devil is a single channel, high gain, full blown tube amplifier using military grade sub miniature tubes dating back to the 50s. The same tubes that were designed to be used in missle guidance systems before the transistor took over. They are very long life and vibration/shock tested to military specs. The amp features 2 watts of clean power and a little more when pushed. A full TMB tone stack is used along with a presence control to give you a lot more control than the most low wattage amps with one tone knob. Our VVR circuitry is also incorporated and allows adjustable power levels between. 25 and 2 watts. Incorporating 3 gain stages it has the sound and feel of an amp that is pushing a lot more power. The Hiwatt 7H Custom valve guitar amp uses a Single-ended output stage with two ECC-83`s and one EL-84 together....

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