Small class b audio amplifier circuit diagram

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

When feed power supply reach the circuit and feed input signal come in. The sound signal change C1 and R1 for signal coupling and eradicate noise oscillator go out. From that time go to reach input pin 3 non inverting of IC1. Which be op-amp IC boost up signal give the power goes up in order to go to drive give Q1 and Q2 work. Which IC1

Small class b audio amplifier circuit diagram
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will haveexpansion rate at 15 times can calculate from (R3/R2)+1. From that time signal that enlarge already go out pin 1 of IC1 go to feed give with Q1 and Q2 which build the circuit model put-pull do signal both of section expansion positive and the section negative. By Q2 enlarge signal section way positive and build output give with Q3 which Q2 and Q3 this each other darlington for have the expansion ratio more and more. Part Q1 signal boost up section way negative and build output signal give Q4. Which Q1 and Q4 build the circuit model Darlington also output signal of Q4 and Q3 and go out pin way E come to total up signal section positive and the section negative already go out still a loudspeaker. Because of while the circuit will work to is born the heat Q3 and Q4 thus then must add let off the heat gives with Q3 and Q4 with. A younger brother of me receives Electronics KIT that older. It is Power Amp OCL 25w With IC STK032. But have no the circuit. I has looked into already be model to follow the circuit. When see already a button fines to decorate Volume, Bass and Treble of the sound has completely. And still the circuit integrated amplifier model OCL Class AB as well although will have 25Watt drives. But have a voice good loud moderately completed convenient for a novice, build good easy please sir. Today have Older power Amplifier OCL Circuit come to give friends get see in rows the way again. By it has the...

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