Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Several easy modifications for a Dataq DI-194RS and DI-154RS. There are at least two different styles: the kind that come packaged (shown) and the kind that come as an unpackaged PCB. The unpackaged ones are what you get when you are fortunate enough to get Dataq's free PCB. These instructions cover the packaged 194RS and 154RS only. T

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he unpackaged version has a completely different power section and is marked "DI194 Rev G" on the PCB, while the packaged model is marked "DI194/154 Rev G". The mods shown here are independent of each other so make as few or as many as you like. No special tools are needed for any of these mods. The modifications outlined below include: Why convert channels to unipolar Because any sensor that you are using that is based on a bridge circuit only needs a unipolar input and you'll double your converter resolution by going to unipolar. Loadcells, strain gages and pressure sensors are all examples of bridge based sensors that will benefit from unipolar conversion. There are instructions on calibrating the Dataq when used with a loadcell at Calibrating an SGA01 with a Dataq DI-154RS or DI-194RS. Below is a schematic outlining the modifications. You can also download it and view it with ExpressPCB schematics. Dataq also has a decent schematic you can view that shows the entire DI-194RS circuit minus the RS232 transmit/receive level-translation/buffer circuit. Notice R24 (black surface mount resistor) right below the grey potentiometer. We'll remove R24 in a moment. R1 (light blue surface mount resistor) is upside down at the lower right. Step 2. To convert a channel from ±10V bipolar input to 0-10V unipolar input, one resistor per channel has to be removed. In the picture above, R1 is removed to make channel 1...

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