Sonifex CM-CU21 Commentatator Unit

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The CM-CU21 is a high quality, portable Commentator Unit. Its sturdy construction and flexibility of features make it suitable for use in a wide variety of environments. It provides two fully featured commentator positions and a third guest position that can alternatively be used as a line-level input. Each position has an individual output, with

Sonifex CM-CU21 Commentatator Unit
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two additional outputs providing a mix of all active commentary channels. A limit indicator on the main panel shows when the adjustable limiter on the mix outputs is active, and a bright 21 segment LED PPM meter, which can be disabled, shows the main output level. Two talkback output channels, with a built in limiter, are available to each of the two main commentators and they can be linked to provide simultaneous operation. A wide input gain range and switchable phantom power on each commentary position allows support of a variety of microphone types including low output ribbon, headsets and high output phantom powered microphones. There are 4 transformer balanced return audio inputs which, along with the commentator inputs, are routed to the headphone monitor controls. With these headphone controls, any monitor input can be adjusted and sent to either the left, right or both ears. A GPIO port gives an open-collector driven output indication of any active On-Air or talkback channel and four remote inputs provide an external call/alert to each of the talkback controls. The unit has a built in line-up tone generator for easy channel identification and cabling checks. When enabled the test-tone is routed to the required output simply by pressing the corresponding on air or talkback button. A flexible range of options allow the Commentator Unit to be customised to better suit the operational and user`s personal requirements....

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