Sony TV Control

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Ever since I built a MythTV, I have been able to eliminate my DVD and VCR remote controls. However, I still needed my television remote control to turn on the TV as well as to control the volume, mute, and video input signal selection. For a while, I didn`t think it was possible to control the TV serially until I was flipping through my Sony TV`s

Sony TV Control
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instruction manual and found a vague paragraph about the Control-S I/O port on the back of the unit. At first glance, this looked like something I would want to use to control my TV from MythTV, but as usual the instruction booklet wasn`t very specific on how I can use Control-S from home-brew devices. Luckily, I found a SIRCS description web page that provided the basic description of the protocol and information that others had found by experimenting with their Sony remote controls. With so little official documentation and disagreement on the actual timing, I decided to verify their work by building a simple circuit involving a photodiode sensitive to 940nm light and measuring the response of my RM-Y197 television remote control`s IR signal on an oscilloscope. I was able to verify all of the basic codes given on the page referenced above, as well as a few others. All of the buttons for this particular remote are given below. The last few codes are 15-bits and appear to follow a different protocol than SIRCS. These buttons are for functions which I do not use on my remote, so did not pursue them further. As described on the referred page, SIRCS goes as follows. The start bit is first to be sent, represented as a 2. 4ms high pulse, followed by seven bits representing the functional code (LSB first), the ID of the device (LSB first) which is either a 5-bit or 8-bit code, and a frame space. In the case of this particular...

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