Sound Effects Kits

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The heart of the circuit is an IC4822 named as IC1. IC4822 is a programmed ROM, which generates 16 musical tunes when it gets triggered. The main feature of this IC is that it has inbuilt tone generator, rhythm generator, modulator, oscillator, frequency divider and preamplifier. So a very few number of components have to be connected externally t

Sound Effects Kits
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o set up timing and to build an external AF amplifier/driver circuit. This musical bell provides a facility to select any of the 16 tones generated by IC 4822 (IC1). IC1 is a programmed ROM, popularly known as musical doorbell IC. This IC has an on-chip oscillator and preamplifier circuit. So a very few number of components have to be connected externally to set up the timing and to build up an external AF amplifier/driver circuit. We offer Raised And Furrow Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill & Planter. It is suitable for planting maize and garlic on ridges. The machine consists of 5 to 9 bottom ridger a hopper with 5 units of inclined plate metering mechanism, driving wheel and furrow openers. The furrow openers with the help of lever are moved horizontally by a tractor operator at the end of each turn so as to place furrow openers on a southern side of east west ridge. Which is the requirement for planting of winter maize. Rain alarm circuit alerts the people when it begins to rain. The circuit is build around monostable multivibrator IC1. The sensor connected to trigger pin2 of IC1 is made from resistor leads or small metal foil pieces. When sensor detects rain, IC1 gets triggered and raises the alarm. Also when the rain stops, the circuit switches off autometically. When rain falls on the sensor, the voltage at pin2 goes below 1/3Vcc. Hence IC1 generates high output pulse at pin3. As a result transistor T1 connected to pin3...

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