Sound Synchronized LED Video Tutorial

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

Is possible to syncronize the leds so that first, the speakers are still playing aloud, and two, the led are not always on during music playing. i pretty educated in electrical so i hope there is anyway at all to do this. Thanks. I`m having trouble following 100% on the video where all the cables go. I have made a diagram of where all my cables are going, will you let me know if it is correct Is there anything

Sound Synchronized LED Video Tutorial
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wrong with this setup when i first tried it, the LED would come on but it would stay 100% lit, now it wont light up at all. All I can think to do is switch 5 and 6, and when I tried that nothing happened. Let me know, thanks! To sync leds to a speaker system, you must hook up the leds to the same amp as the speakers are connected to. You can do this with standard audio cables and just put them in the same channels as the speakers. Depending on your speakers you might want to install a diode in the circuit. It is possible to use whatever quantity of leds, provided you have enough power. I`d suggest a power supply for 20+ leds. And the volume shouldn`t have to be maxed out if all the soldering points have good contact. keep the coolness coming above is the link to a schematic to sync 3 LEDs to different frequencies. I have tried two the circuits, but i do not have very many different resistors and capitors. I did find that 1k resistors and 10uF capicators worked well also a 103k ceramic capacictor was used instead of the 10uf one.

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