Square Wave Generator Using CMOS 74C14 Single Integrated Circuit Chip

Many ways to create a square wave output, but by far the simplest is to use a CMOS Hex Schmitt trigger inverter. These are fast, and with the outputs in parallel, will provide enough drive to ensure that the rise and fall times are very short indeed. This is one design circuit for the square wave generator. This is the figure. This circuit is base

d on CMOS IC 74C14. The output of this circuit is from 0V to +12V, and is fed to the 10k level pot by a 10k resistor. This reduces the level to 6V P-P, which is equal to 3V RMS. The input circuit is designed to ensure that the Schmitt input is supplied from a 1/2 supply voltage (6V), so the applied AC will swing evenly about this point and produce a symmetrical square wave.

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