Stepper Motor Control

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This program initializes all of the sixteen io lines of the U4x1 to be outputs. The lower four port pins of port A (A. 0 - A. 3) are `channel 1` when it concerns stepper activity, the upper four port pins of port A (A. 4 - A. 7) are `channel 2` when it concerns stepper activity. `Direction` sets the direction that the stepper motor moves. The actua

Stepper Motor Control
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l direction does depend on the stepper motor wiring. The rate is the period in 128 microsecond increments, "100" in the example is 12. 8 ms between each step. The "Init" command will pass the initial step value to the motor. This is the first positional value. While the motor is running, the direction can be changed and the rate changed.

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