Structural analysis of switching power supply

Daily switching power supply, mainly offer the direct current power supply for electronic device and supply power. The required direct-current volts of the electronic device, ranges are generally all between several volts and more than ten volts, and the voltage of exchanging Piower supply of city power is 220V 110V, The frequency is 50Hz 60Hz. T

he function of switching power supply is to vary the mains frequency alternating current of a high voltage class into the direct current of a low voltage class. The alternating current of mains frequency is commutated directly, save bulky mains frequency with big weight and commutate the voltage transformer after entering the switching power supply. The rectifier is outputted for very high direct current of voltage, the voltage after commutating passes the capacitor filtering, the mean value of the voltage is 300V 310V. The direct current of the high voltage class is sent to the input end of the inverter, vary by the inverter, turn into upper voltage, high-frequency alternating current. The variety operating frequency of the inverter of the switching power supply is in dozens of to several hundred KHz ranges at present. The exchange electric energy that the inverter exported, connect the primary side of the high-frequency step-down transformer, exchange the mains frequency of the electric frequency ratio much higher because of the high frequency that is produced by the inverter, so the volume of the high-frequency voltage transformer is much smaller than with the mains frequency voltage transformer of the capacity, have reduced volume and weight of the whole power fundamentally. The high-frequency alternating current that the inverter produce, after the high-frequency voltage transformer steps down, links such as...

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