Super Sequencer?® With Margining Control And Auxiliary ADC Inputs

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The ADRF6702 TxMod is an IQ Modulator with integrated PLL and VCO The PLL Synthesizer uses a Fractional-N PLL to generate a 2*FLO input to the I-Q Modulator The PLL reference input is supported from 12MHz to 160MHz. The phase detector output controls a chargepump whose output is integrated in an off-chip loop-filter. The loop Filter output is then

Super Sequencer?® With Margining Control And Auxiliary ADC Inputs
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applied to an integrated VCO The VCO output at 2*FLO is then applied to a quadrature divider as well as to a programmable divider. The programmable divider is controlled by a sigma-delta Modulator (SDM). The I-Q Modulator has Analog I + Q inputs which CAN be at baseband or optionally at a complex IF up to 200 MHz By Analog Devices, Inc.

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