Surround Sound Decoder circuit diagram

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Surround Sound Decoder circuit diagram. The circuit`s operation starts as the stereo sound signal transports surround sound information on the master volume part of the circuit. This will drive the Left channel Lch attached to Model TL072 IC1A and IC1b in which Right channel Rch is attached. The outputs on these operational amplifiers would serve

Surround Sound Decoder circuit diagram
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as the input buffer to the following stages of the circuit. The following diagram is an small surround sound decoder schematics. You may use this decoder surround sound systems for your home audio system. Parts List: R1-2-7-8-12-13-18-19-20=47Kohm R3-4-5-6-21-22-34-35=10Kohm R9-10-11-14-15-16-17=15Kohm R=23-24-25-33-36=100ohm R26-27-28-31-32=100Kohm R29-30=5. 6Kohm C1-8=47uF 25V C2-7-9-14-23=47nF 100V C3-6=1uF 100V C4-5-10=33pF 100V C11-12-15=10uF 25V C13=82nF C16=18pF 100V C17=100pF mini adjustable capacitor C18=2. 2nF C19=4. 7uF 25V C20=100nF 100V C21=10nF C22=180pF. This is the diagram of passive surround circuit. Passive surround doesn`t required any active components to make the circuit works. The circuit just need the combination of resistors and electrolytic capacitors. Notes: Use full range type of speaker. Do not use woofer or tweeter speakers for rear speakers. 5W resistors is a must, 1/4 or. This is the circuit diagram of USB powered computer speaker, or it widely known as multimedia speakers for PCs. The circuit has single-chipbased design, low-voltage electrical power supply, compatibility with USB power from computer, simple heat-sinking, inexpensive, large flexibility and wide temperature tolerance. At the heart of the circuit is IC TDA2822M. This IC is, . This is a really simple sound effect generator based single sound generator chip UM3561. The UM3561 will generate four kinds of sound effects. The basic...

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